Magic Glue Cleaning Tool

Magic Glue Cleaning Tool

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1) Used to clean car air outlet vent, dashboard, Air Conditioner Etc. Also fit for interior & exterior decorating. Such As: Air Conditioner Rim, Switch Rim, Grille Trim, Etc. 

2) Main components: Disinfectants, preservatives, boric acid, methyl benzoic acid, fragrance. 

3) The high-tech cleaning compound. 

4) It will pack the dust as while absorption which make sure that your hands will not be stained dust and bacteria. 

5) It can be multiple recycling used, without the need for being cleaned, environmental protection and super value. 

6) It has a good ductility and doesn't become soft even though you're kneading it and without leaving any glue stick in hands

7) It has been inspected by several authoritative institution, it doesn't hurt human skin, safe and without any acrimony, the glue is the best cleaning product for precision digital instruments.